Connected Dislocation


Fabricating a multi-dimensional environment that seamlessly transitioned from the external to the internal world, for a digital film campaign for Asphaltgold.



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During lockdown, with everyone forced to stay indoors and do home office, it was the perfect time to release Nike’s first ever loungewear, the Offline N.354 – a shoe designed specifically for home comfort. With the boundaries between work-life and play more blurred than ever, knowing when to disconnect and switch off became an integral and necessary part of each day.


Sunst set about conceptualizing a interior space that conveyed the conflicting demands being placed on the individual during lockdown. Playing with the idea of opposing forces – intimacy vs publicness, connection vs disconnection, we conceived of a transformative interface between the external and private sphere. With its slow timelessness and easy feel, the film was a reminder to us all to go offline and occasionally do nothing. 


Le Corbusier LC3

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Drawing from Asphaltgold’s tendency to connect campaign aesthetics with well-known objects, Sunst fully-customized an iconic Le Corbusier LC3 Grand Confort chair. Taking its form and turning it inside out, Sunst, made the foam visible whilst adding material leather mixes, waterproof outdoor fabrics and unique straps.

Oliver Valente – Director of Photography