Breaking the Mould


Positioning and branding a radical new hybrid material made from recycled glass and coloured concrete. Evoking a “light”, contemporary feel with a visual language full of breezy energy and vivid colour textures.

Basis Rho Logo
Basis Rho Postcard

Basis Rho is the first durable material to incorporate large prisms of glass into a durable cement aggregate. Designed by the artist duo, Jeschkelanger, the 3D prisms allow the light to penetrate the surface of cement and give it a unique luminescent presence. On top of that, the glass has been recycled from international art and architectural projects, giving it significant environmental credentials when compared to other products in its class.

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Branding Concept

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With its use of sustainable design processes and high individual curation, the material straddles both the commercial and artistic worlds. Taking that into account, Sunst set about positioning Basis Rho and to design and conceive a visual language for use on all printed matter, digital, packaging and all additional communicative elements.
Using an array of visual motifs, rich textures and contrasting yet complementary typographies, Sunst designed a visual style that accentuated Basis Rho’s sense of lightness and multi-dimensionality. Revealing a product that blurred the line between art and design and channeled its own distinctive luxury.
Basis Rho Overview


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Basis Rho Application
Basis Rho Application

All communicative elements required premium execution with traditional printing techniques, embossed logos and high end vinyl transfers.

Basis Rho Application
Basis Rho Application
Basis Rho Application
Basis Rho Application

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