Flying the Flag for Carhartt WIP


Using workshops, activations, a vast Killasan Sound System and Trojan Records to turn the Bread & Butter Festival into a celebration of street culture.

Carhartt WIP’s first appearance at Berlin’s festival for fashion and culture was designed to have the look and feel of a block party. When the evening came and NTS Radio acts took over, the booth – made with modular, flexible elements – could quickly transform into a dance floor.

Spatial Design

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With Trojan Records playing a prominent role, one of the focal points of space was the enormous Killasan Sound System – black bass speakers you don’t so much hear but feel. Around them were placed laser cut metal shelving and polished-steel pallet jacks, offsetting the jagged, industrial edge with fabric elements and draped flags.


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The space was fully programmed with musical acts, screenprinting workshops and releases. One of the highlights was a live print workshop by Chicago’s Boot Boyz, demonstrating how they turn graphic ephemera into striking designs. Their contribution – like everything else in the booth – was configured to translate the brand’s rough-edged aesthetic for the young, influencer crowd at the festival.


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