Virtual Transmissions with Carhartt WIP


Unable to organize a physical get-together as a result of the pandemic, Carhartt WIP had to find a way to deliver crucial information to its global team and more crucially, foster a sense of connectedness.

Sunst conceived and produced an entirely new presentation format for Carhartt WIP’s “Virtual Euromeeting”. The bi-annual 2-hour digital broadcast was divided into Sales, Marketing and Collections and would communicate key information, collaborative plans, company updates and showcase new collections to the global Carhartt WIP management team.

The newly established presentation format elevated the scope and ambition of Carhartt WIP’s internal presentations. This recurring series continues to develop and Sunst has so far completed five consecutive Virtual Euromeetings; FW21, SS22, FW22, SS23 and FW23.

With its use of motion graphics and sound, the transmission was designed to be sensorially immersive, giving the feel of a live video broadcast. The use of “dial up” connection visuals helped create a compelling virtual simulation and by juxtaposing bleeding edge digital technology with “fuzz” analogue visuals and pre-digital graphics, the format possessed a more human, intuitive feel that was in sync with the CWIP aesthetic.


/ 1

A flexible CI template system was developed that could be adapted and reused for each upcoming season, requiring only alterations in the key visuals.

Sidebar & Safe Area

Animated background textures, typographic systems and visual elements produced a versatile framework that bound the complex presentation together and served as a wayfinding system to navigate through the sections.


/ 2

The Sales section incorporated charts and infographics to communicate forecasts, projections and new store expansions.



/ 3

The marketing segment gives the Carhartt WIP brand the chance to present upcoming campaigns to division heads and store managers around the world.

Marketing Reel


/ 4

For each new virtual meeting, Sunst organizes and produces video clips, photography shoots and content for the whole collection in the 45-minute collection showcase.

Collection Reel