High-Class Coffee Culture


Using high-end materials, soft contours and intimate spaces to bring a sensory resonance to the competitive and high-class surroundings of KaDeWe.

Five Elephant KaDeWe, Front

Sunst designed and constructed a Five Elephant café that brought a distinct contemporary vitality to the exclusive 6th floor environment of Berlin’s celebrated department store. A compelling hybrid of intimate, enclosed booths and more open consumer space, the café was designed to immerse the visitor in Five Elephant’s unique coffee culture.

Five Elephant KaDeWe, Island


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The café was singled out from its neighbouring eateries by its use of softened contours and its rich and dynamic use of materials and colours – poppy reds and muted clay tones combined with roughened concrete surfaces and large free-standing plants.

The mixture of custom steel elements and light-yellow recycled glass turned the service area into an elegant blend of traditional and state of the art materials. A specially conceived terrazzo counter made out of local ”findlinge” stones – an experimental new technique – became the centrepiece of the space and allowed the staff to provide service to all areas of the interior. This included a flexible satellite space that could double up as a brand showcase or provide additional seating.