Digital Disruption at Overkill


The launch of the Airmax 89 Shima Shima was celebrated with a multi-dimensional interior/exterior installation culminating in a spectacular live music activation headlined by Ski Aggu. Teeming with distorted visuals and techy disrupted graphics, the project channeled a futuristic spirit of irreverence.

Sunst designed and implemented a community-orientated activation in the outside area of Berlin’s premium sneaker store, Overkill. The product showcase and live music event required a stage, a bar, a DJ & VJ booth, a presentation room with hero-display tables, a video tower, multiple (transparent) screenwalls and outside prints. During the live acts, including the headline performance by Ski Aggu, live camera footage was screened directly on to exterior monitors.


The juxtaposition of material textures and a repeated use of reflective and uneven surfaces communicated the disruptive essence of the event. Using a structure made from a roughly connected chrome truss, incomplete screen monitors were placed at disjointed positions. The circumference of the main showcase room was lined with transparent monitors to reveal the metal trellis behind.