NBA Icons at the Nike Basketball Festival

Creatively Directing and Implementing a Legacy Event for Dirk Nowitzki.

Nike Berlin Basketball Festival
The main court

To celebrate the career of the newly retired Dirk Nowitzki, Nike tasked Sunst with conceiving and building an emotionally charged and compelling event showcase. The German-born Nowitzki paved the way for foreign-born players in the NBA and with his reputation and attitude for dedication and fair play he encapsulates basketball’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.

Nike Basketball Festival

The event gave something back to the new generation of basketballers and reminded them all that even Nowitzki was once a kid with a crazy dream. This aspirational message had to be conveyed through the Event CI.

Graphic identity loop

The Court
To foster a creative playing environment, Sunst customised the three-point arcs and centre circles on the professional-grade court, hanging flags drawn from tribal NBA aesthetics.

Stretching over 10-meters in length, the Nowitzki legacy wall would be an expansive installation containing imagery, artwork, quotes and career highlights. Providing an abstract timeline of his playing career, it used layered elements on contrasting materials, fibreboard, plywood and pine. Although Nowitzki career has come to an end, the legacy of his feats will live long in the memory.

Nike Berlin Basketball Festival Players
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