Winged Horses at 
Ma & Pa’s


Ahead of the Berlin Half Marathon, Sunst designed The Home of Running – a playful and dynamic interior environment featuring a series of compelling community-orientated activations. At its core was a local Berlin (Ma & Pa) store, with “springy” furniture elements that helped foster a deep connection with the city’s diverse running groups whilst celebrating the launch of the Pegasus 40.

The Berlin Half Marathon is a race open to just about anybody, attracting a diverse array of runners with the overriding importance on enjoyment and inclusivity. With it coinciding with the launch of the Pegasus 40 – Nike’s most accessible shoe – Sunst was tasked with transforming their flagship Berlin space into a vibrant, multi-dimensional environment, teeming with workshops, activations and services.
The German capital’s playful and inviting identity was conjured up through the distinct and laidback aesthetic of a Berlin cornershop. With Nike’s The Home of Running now a recurring marathon tie-in, the large-scale project would connect Nike’s Runners-Helping-Runners with the brand’s Berlin headquarters, further cementing the city’s status as a running capital.

First released in 1983, the rich history of the Pegasus shoe was communicated through legacy wall displays, demonstrating its evolution through the decades and revealing its suitability for a wide range of runners. To emphasise the “bouncy” running experience, the shelves were made of recycled felt and the specially conceived foam benches stood out with their comical, oversized spring legs.



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The Home of Running had two distinct interior environments. The entrance and surrounding retail areas contained an elevated storefront with interchangeable window displays, lockup signage, mannequins and a large-scale model of Pegasus (the winged-horse). A contrasting central area had the look and feel of a welcoming “Ma & Pa” shop, with whimsical product displays and spacious couches – a dynamic change of tone to ignite consumers’ curiosity and drive them into the store.


Visual Concept

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Playful and poppy, the visual language of The Home of Running reflected the positive, call-to-action claims of the large-scale project. Responding to the open accessibility of the Pegasus 40, the visual language was kept inclusive and approachable, with imagery populated by actual runners to echo the community spirit and relaxed nature of the Berlin Half Marathon.



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Above all the project was about creating a place for non-professional German and Berlin runners to connect with the wider running community and learn, connect and be inspired. The Joy Run Collective – an inclusive running community creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and FLINTA communities – are as much athletes as activists, their focus on forcing change echoed the wider ambition of the project to provide innovation and enablement tailored for each runner, driven by membership of the Nike Running Club.