Virgil Abloh “The Ten”


Drawing from contradictory aesthetic elements, Sunst played with the collision of human, textured materials against glitchy, digital imagery.

Nike Offwhite Shop Setup
021716—1 Shop Setup

With the campaign based on opposing elements: the raw and reconstructed, the primitive the modern, the genuine and remixed, Sunst contrasted rough material textures against clean, digital imagery.

Nike Offwhite

The ten shoes were divided into two themes, the first, REVEALING, which included the Nike Air Max 90, were hand-cut and open-sourced. GHOSTING featuring the Nike Air Max 97, had translucent uppers, uniting the silhouettes through a common material.


In recent years Nike has been revelling in the synergy that comes with working with a diverse bunch of creatives and no one was more highly regarded at the time than the now deeply missed Virgil Abloh. Unsurprisingly, this would be Nike's most popular release of the year with the sneakers only available through raffle.

Setup & Materiality

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Nike Offwhite
Nike Offwhite

The installation units were built by long term Sunst collaborators Ertl and Zull and these coarse, industrial retail displays were combined with off-kilter detailing and exposed fixtures.

Nike Offwhite
Nike Offwhite
Nike Offwhite
Nike Offwhite
021716—4 Materiality & Setup


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Window and retail installations were designed and set up in Nike Berlin’s five key NBHD accounts (Soto, Overkill, Solebox, SNS and the VOO Store).