Marching to a Different Beat


For the release of the Air Jordan 4 ‘Shimmer’, Sunst produced a digital film campaign with Philo Tsoungui – a drummer changing perceptions in a male-dominated profession.


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In the Sunst produced and art directed digital campaign and video portrait, Tsoungui plays live drums in a specially fabricated studio environment on a fully-customized drum set. Putting Tsoungui’s personal experiences at the forefront, a voiceover spoken by the drummer addresses the hardships she’s encounted throughout her career and reveals her determination to overcome gender discrimination. She’s someone worth listening to, having risen to become one of Germany’s most in demand hiphop drummers and a role model to aspiring young musicians everywhere.

022126—1 Nike Jordan ‘Shimmer’
Nike Jordan Shimmer on a Snare Drum
Portrait of Philo Tsoungui
Jordan Shimmer Drumsticks
022126—7 Philo Tsoungui

In the teasers to the digital film campaign, the camera keeps the identity of the drummer hidden and focuses on the pulsing feet and swirling drumsticks. Only in the last shots is the identity revealed, making a subtle comment on gender stereotyping and giving every viewer the chance examine their own prejudicial preconceptions.